Temple President
Val Turner

Val is currently retired after teaching education courses at the University of Missouri, Saint Louis for ten years.  Prior to that, Val worked for twenty years within the Jewish Community as director of numerous Jewish educational programs and Hebrew Schools. His work as an educator in the Jewish Community has been extensive, and Val continues to teach in various volunteer settings at Temple Emanuel.  Val previously served as a trustee. He and his wife Harriet have been members of TE for five years.

Vice President
Sam Platt

Sam is currently the Flight Operations Manager for Boeing at Lambert Airport, and has worked in Engineering and Flight Ops for Boeing since 2005.  He is a retired Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy.  Sam has previously served as both a trustee and an officer on TE's board.  Sam, his wife, Karen, and their daughter, Anna, have been members of TE for about 15 years.

Steve Green

Steve Green is a Private Wealth Advisor with Krilogy Financial.  In addition to serving on the TE Board, Steve has also served as Board Chair of JFS, Provident and the Washington University Alumni Board of Governors. Steve and his wife Mona have two children; their son Steve and his wife Brianna Silverman, with grandson Bram, live in Creve Coeur, and their daughter Elisabeth and her husband Ben live in Austin, Texas.


Jane Feibel

Jane and her husband Bob joined Temple Emanuel in 1974.  Jane first served on the Board as Librarian, and later taught in the Religious School.  In addition to their involvement at TE, the Feibels also support Opera Theatre of Saint Louis.  They enjoy travelling to visit their children, Julie and Carrie, and their three grandchildren.


Betsy Brooks

Betsy is the Executive Director of the Moog Center for Deaf Education, a private non-profit program that teaches children who are deaf or hard of hearing to talk. Betsy has previously served as a board trustee. She attended religious school at Temple Emanuel and was confirmed at TE, and taught Religious School for 17 years.