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Bridge at Temple Emanuel is a social event;  it’s a time for friends, fun and enjoyment – and of course, some friendly competition. Our group meets on the first Monday of each month at the temple to play, kibitz, eat, and share stories.


For more information about our monthly games, please call the temple office or email


Everyone is welcome to participate.


TE Book Club

The TE Book Club meets 8-10 times per year to discuss a wide variety of titles, subjects and genres.  A steering committee takes suggestions from the members and plans the books that the Club will read over the next year.


The Club welcomes all members of the congregation. Those who have not read the book for that month, are still welcome to join the discussion. Learn More>


Social Action
Room at The Inn

Room at the Inn is a community program to fight homelessness in Saint Louis. Its goal is to provide a hand up to get people back into homes and jobs, to make their own way. Facilitating this is education, training, and networking. Room at the Inn helps up to 20 clients a day at the Day site in Bridgeton. They receive job training, suitable work clothing, child care assistance, and a place to live while they get on their feet.


Synagogues and churches in the Saint Louis area take these people into their houses of worship each evening. The night sites provide transport, an evening meal, and fellowship to support the clients. Temple Emanuel has committed to serve as one of the night sites on the Fourth Tuesday of each month.


We have a heartening outpouring of help from many volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, have baby care items (pack n play) or linens (twin size), we would appreciate your help. Donations to help with the cost of food and gas would also be appreciated! Most importantly, if you have ideas to improve our Room at the Inn nights, or have other action-oriented Social Action ideas, please share them with us.


CelebraTE Shabbat 

Several times a year, we host a catered community dinner in our social hall for our service attendees.  These special dinners give people a chance to socialize with friends and unwind from their day before going in to our Shabbat Service.


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